TRJA’s Revenue Corrected, Sales of Spare Parts Can Actually Record a Surge in Revenue


31 Aug 2021


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Bagikan, BALIKPAPAN – Vehicle rental company, PT Transjon Jaya Tbk. (TRJA), reported a 37.7 percent year-on-year (YoY) decrease in net profit, amounting to Rp17.2 billion, due to a decline in revenue based on the financial report as of June 30, 2021.

The Corporate Secretary of PT Transjon Jaya Tbk. (TRJA), Alexander J. Syauta, stated that the revenue decreased by 7.1 percent, from Rp208.2 billion to Rp193.4 billion annually.

“The decline in revenue is caused by constraints in delivering new units from the Single Brand Holder Agent (ATPM), which has hindered the fulfillment of new projects,” he said in a written statement on Tuesday (31/8/2021).

He added that there were old projects facing difficulties in replacing units, resulting in the inability to apply the new rental prices to consumers.

Alex explained that the sales of fixed assets and leasehold assets are in the form of vehicles. “The only difference lies in the classification of the financing types of the vehicles,” he clarified.

As for the sale of spare parts, there was an eightfold increase.

“The sale of spare parts increased because some customers purchased spare parts from Transkon, considering that in 2020 there were logistical challenges related to PSBB, while Transkon at that time had a good inventory to meet consumer demand,” said Alex.

He mentioned that they still cannot confirm whether they will focus on spare parts sales as it is considered not contributing proportionally to the main revenue.

“However, if this value increases in the future, Transkon will conduct a reassessment,” he concluded.

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