Transkon Jaya (TRJA) Profit Drops 20%


10 Apr 2023


Dilansir Oleh


JAKARTA, investor.idPT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) recorded revenue for the 2022 fiscal year of IDR 483 billion, an increase of 20% compared to 2021, which was around IDR 402 billion. However, the net profit amounted to IDR 36 billion, a decrease of 20% compared to the previous year’s IDR 45 billion.

Alexander Syauta, Corporate Secretary of Transkon Jaya (TRJA), stated that throughout 2022, the company underwent various transformations that resulted in an increase in several costs. Consequently, operational expenses surged, eroding profits.

Some of the increased costs include an increase in mining preparation costs (installation of safety accessories on vehicles), followed by an increase in the number of vehicles. Additionally, there was an addition of workshops at several operational points, the addition of supporting office facilities in Balikpapan, and renovations to several representative offices.

Moreover, Alexander continued, throughout 2022, the company also increased the number of employees, leading to an expansion of operational costs. These cost increases contributed to the decline in net profit in 2022.

“Transkon Jaya recorded a net profit of IDR 36 billion, a decrease of 20% compared to the previous year’s IDR 45 billion,” said Alexander in his official statement quoted on Sunday (9/4).

Despite the decline in profit in 2022, Alexander assured that the company has made efforts to minimize the impact of the decline to meet the company’s financial obligations, such as paying salaries and holiday allowances. This includes the company’s obligations to creditors and other related parties.

Furthermore, Alexander added, as per the prospectus, the company, whose main business is leasing light vehicles (LV/4×4 & 4×2) specifically for the mining area, will still distribute dividends from the company’s profit.


Throughout 2022, Alexander revealed that the company continued to receive demand for vehicles from both existing customers and new customers. Therefore, the company consistently expanded to broaden its operational area towards the eastern part of Indonesia.

This strategy proved effective, reflected in the increasing number of company-operated vehicle units across all operational points. This growth, according to Alexander, is a positive impact of the continuous demand for TRJA’s units.

“As a result, the company’s asset value increased by 35% to IDR 873 billion compared to the previous year. At the same time, the purchase of new vehicles also triggered an increase in the company’s debt to IDR 523 billion from the previous IDR 325 billion,” concluded Alexander.

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