Transkon Jaya (TRJA) Allocates IDR 100 Billion for Capital Expenditure


15 Mar 2021


Dilansir Oleh


PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) plans to allocate IDR 100 billion for capital expenditure (capex) this year. The capital expenditure will be used for the purchase of new vehicles.

Rex Alexander Joseph Syauta, Corporate Secretary of Transkon Jaya, stated that the company is allocating capital expenditure for the purchase of new products to be rented out, namely light trucks and light buses.

“In addition, capital expenditure will also be allocated for the purchase of spare parts and vehicle accessories that are in accordance with the type of product and mining location standards,” he explained in an official statement on Monday (15/3/2021).

At present, the company already owns approximately 2,000 vehicles. TRJA adds around 40 vehicles every month and replaces old vehicles that are no longer usable. Through the addition of vehicles, the company can also attract new customers.

“The company is also collaborating with new customers for projects operating on Halmahera Island, North Maluku Province, since early February 2021,” he said.

The company continues to monitor the potential increase in demand for vehicle rentals and is expanding in 2021, both geographically, industrially, and in terms of vehicle types.

In terms of financial performance, Transkon Jaya is optimistic about achieving a profit increase of up to 20% last year. To achieve this figure, the company has prepared several strategies, ranging from increasing market penetration for Internet Service Provider (ISP) services to adding new clients.

Transkon Jaya’s President Director, Lexy Roland Rompas, explained that for the ISP business line, the company plans to expand marketing exposure by focusing on tenders for internet services located in the South Sulawesi region. On the other hand, the company hopes this segment can continue to grow.

“We see significant growth opportunities in this segment because currently, revenue from rentals is still the largest contributor, accounting for up to 95%,” explained Roland.

In the vehicle rental segment, the company is negotiating with several suppliers to get discounts on goods and services procurement. The company has also visited one potential client expected to become the company’s newest customer in early 2021.

This optimism is in line with the performance in the third quarter, which recorded a profit of IDR 34.38 billion, a growth of 9.56% from the same period the previous year, which was IDR 31.09 billion.

“This growth is due to several new projects that we received in the first semester of 2020 and began contributing to our revenue in this quarter,” added Alexander.

In the third quarter of 2020, the company’s revenue reached IDR 306.67 billion, an increase of 1.62% from the previous period, which reached IDR 301.77 billion. The vehicle rental and ISP segments were the largest contributors to revenue, reaching IDR 297.32 billion and IDR 9.35 billion, respectively.

Recently, Transkon Jaya obtained a 1% reduction in interest rates. This interest rate discount applies to all Mitsubishi products financed by Dipo Star Finance as the company’s largest creditor.

Alexander said that this discount has a significant impact on the company’s financial performance. The interest rate is one of the determining factors for the installment rate, which is one of the factors in determining the rental price of vehicles.

“Our performance is greatly influenced by financing components, so the company pays close attention to the cost of funds or cost of fund obtained from financing companies. This reduction has been in effect since October 14, 2020,” he said.

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