Transkon Jaya Secures Four New Contracts


01 Jul 2021


Dilansir Oleh


Jakarta, – PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA), a company engaged in vehicle rental and internet service network provision, has secured four new contracts.

“One of the new contracts won by the company is in Halmahera, an infrastructure project worth IDR 125 billion,” said Corporate Secretary of Transkon Jaya, Alexander Syauta, in a public presentation on Wednesday (30/6).

The project in the industrial area aims to facilitate the processing of minerals and the production of components for electric vehicle batteries. The company is also exploring another new contract. Currently, the company’s team has been monitoring the conditions and location of the project intensively.

Regarding electric vehicles, he said that Transkon Jaya is in talks with the Sole Agent Brand Holder (ATPM) that provides electric cars. “In the past few weeks or months, we have been talking a lot with one ATPM that provides electric cars. This will be a breakthrough for the company in 2021,” he said.

This year, the company has prepared a capital expenditure (capex) of IDR 100 billion, which will be used for financing and capital, such as down payments for the purchase of new vehicles.

Regarding the performance in the first quarter, Alexander said there were constraints on the supply of units from ATPM. Nevertheless, the company believes that the set targets can be achieved by the end of this year, with revenue and net profit expected to grow by 10% each from 2020. “We have talked about the availability of units; currently, there are about 140 units that we are waiting for from one ATPM, and we believe this will be resolved in the next one or two weeks,” he explained.

Furthermore, the company will boost expansion in the infrastructure sector, reducing the share of vehicle rentals for the mining industry by 5% from the current 85%. “We see developments again in the second quarter of 2021, hopefully, it will contribute even more to us. As known, Transkon Jaya’s largest vehicle supply is for the mining industry,” he said.

The company also plans to add services in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. This is because the area is considered quite potential for the development of the company’s internet business. “We hope that in the future we can increase internet service provision in other areas in East Kalimantan. As for the contribution of 2.5% from the internet, we hope it will increase to 5% by the end of this year,” said Alexander.

Meanwhile, Transkon Jaya’s General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS) approved a dividend distribution of IDR 4.5 billion or IDR 3 per share. Furthermore, the mandatory reserve fund is IDR 1 billion, and the remainder is retained earnings for the company’s development. Throughout 2020, TRJA recorded a net profit of IDR 38.31 billion, an increase of 26.4% from the previous year’s IDR 30.32 billion.

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