Supporting Economic Recovery, TRJA Conducts Local Economic Empowerment CSR


24 Aug 2021


Dilansir Oleh


BALIKPAPAN – To support economic recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PT. Transkon Jaya Tbk has successfully implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the field of Regional Economic Empowerment (PED).

The activity, which began with a virtual seminar themed “Advancing MSMEs in the New Capital City,” was officially opened by the President Director of PT. Transkon Jaya Tbk, Lexi Rompas.

Presenting material in this online seminar were the Head of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Representative for East Kalimantan, the Head of Bank Indonesia Representative for East Kalimantan, the Head of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Representative for East Kalimantan – North Kalimantan, and the Co-Founder of Akseleran. The online seminar was attended by more than 90 MSME players from East Kalimantan with great enthusiasm.

Initially, PT Transkon Jaya (TRJA) designed the implementation of this CSR activity by providing face-to-face training for 5 selected MSMEs at the TRJA training center facility.

However, in line with the implementation of Emergency PPKM, the training activities were shifted to virtual. This shows that, in any situation, TRJA will continue to fulfill its responsibilities for its programs to support widespread economic recovery.

Proceeding as planned, TRJA brought in expert speakers in their fields to provide a better understanding for the 5 selected MSMEs.

In the first meeting, Ramdhani, one of the MSME players from East Kalimantan, presented material on how to develop the right business concept and strategy, especially to survive during the crisis that MSME players are currently facing.

On the same day, the material was continued by Steffy, Head of Funding at TRJA, who provided tips and tricks for pitching, or how MSME players can introduce and present their company profiles and performance to financing institutions and even investors.

In the second meeting, Saskya, Head of Reporting, and Annastintatia, Head Analyst at TRJA, discussed bookkeeping and reporting. This material is the company’s main focus to help MSME players prepare simple financial reports that comply with standards and can be accepted as requirements for applying for funding from financial institutions.

Continuing in the third meeting, material on taxation for MSMEs was presented by Yoyok Sunarko from CYMS Consulting Associate. At the end of the event, Faisal, Head Credit Analyst at Akseleran, provided material on the world of crowdfunding, which will be very useful for MSMEs in need of capital to run their businesses.

President Director of PT. Transkon Jaya Tbk Lexi Rompas said that with the completion of the training from TRJA for Regional MSMEs, it is hoped that this will motivate other companies to collaborate in supporting the government’s program in accelerating economic recovery.

“Even though people cannot leave their homes and gather, through the empowerment of advanced technology, it will undoubtedly help local MSME players to be nurtured by existing companies,” said Lexi.

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