Bright Business Prospects in Kalimantan, Transkon (TRJA) Expands into Infrastructure Projects


31 Mar 2021


Dilansir Oleh


PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) is expanding its business beyond the mining industry. Apart from renting vehicles for the mining sector, TRJA has now expanded into infrastructure projects.

Corporate Secretary of TRJA, Alexander Syauta, stated that this month the company successfully won a collaboration tender with a new customer for a business project in the infrastructure sector. The project’s location is in Kalimantan, which serves as TRJA’s primary working area.

Alexander mentioned that the economic recovery and Covid-19 vaccination provide a breath of fresh air for business players, boosting infrastructure development in various regions.

“Of course, this business line is something new in the business portfolio explored by Transkon Jaya, which has been primarily involved in the mining industry,” said Alex in a written statement quoted by on Tuesday (March 30).

For this infrastructure project, Alexander stated that TRJA has started using light trucks and light buses. The diversification of renting these types of vehicles had been planned since the end of last year and could be realized faster than the target.

“This project is facilitated by more than 30 vehicles by Transkon Jaya, with an investment value of more than IDR 10 billion. The addition of this portfolio in the infrastructure business line indicates innovation and growth for Transkon in each period,” added Alexander.

The plan to move the capital to Kalimantan also brings bright prospects for the infrastructure sector in the region. TRJA is targeting opportunities to actively participate in regional and even national economic development projects.

“The management of Transkon will face a new challenge to not stop evolving to follow economic growth and regional development while maintaining its role in the rental of light vehicles for various businesses and industries,” concluded Alexander.

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