Transkon’s Light Bus Rental Expansion Targets Eastern Indonesia


03 Aug 2021


Dilansir Oleh


SuaraPemerintah.ID – PT Transkon Jaya continues its expansion in vehicle leasing, extending into the second semester of 2021. Transkon has recently secured a new contract for the rental of light buses for operations in the Eastern Indonesia region—a key target area for the company’s expansion.

The rental of light buses will serve as the primary requirement for customers at the site, facilitating the transportation of their employees from accommodations to mining sites. In this regard, Transkon has demonstrated its ability to meet various customer needs, especially in the realm of transportation for operational activities.

Similarly, Transkon has received requests from customers in South Kalimantan who intend to utilize these light buses. Moreover, commencing the second quarter, Transkon has entered into a collaboration worth 25 million, involving the leasing of 30 vehicles.

Despite the recent launch of this transportation service in 2021, Transkon is optimistic about expanding in this unit category, presenting significant opportunities for TRJA to gain further market interest, given its ability to meet the evolving needs of customers. This opens possibilities for the company to explore opportunities for business diversification.

Additionally, in providing customer service, TRJA ensures the quality of service offered is excellent. As the light bus can transport a considerable number of employees, apart from ensuring comfort, the accessories installed in these vehicles adhere to Health, Safety, and Work (K3) standards, guaranteeing employee safety.

Not only is the company aggressive in continuing expansion activities during the pandemic, but customer satisfaction also stands out as an extraordinary achievement for the company. This undoubtedly justifies the products offered by PT Transkon Jaya Tbk to prospective customers and can serve as a pilot project for other companies, especially those in regional areas, ensuring competitiveness, particularly in enduring challenging times.

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