Transkon Jaya (TRJA) Navigates the Pandemic by Going Public


08 Jun 2021

Dilansir Oleh


Balikpapan, – Local entrepreneurs in East Kalimantan are making efforts to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic towards economic recovery.

Lexi R Rompas, the President Director of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk, stated that the company decided to raise public funds as part of the investment that the company will make, also as an effort for economic recovery.

“We use the IPO funds to buy assets and vehicles, and at the same time, we use them for investments outside of Kalimantan,” he said during a Webinar Focus Group Discussion on Regional Economic Recovery Collaboration organized by Bisnis Indonesia on Tuesday (8/6/2021).

Furthermore, the company with the stock code TRJA took proactive measures in anticipating and mitigating the mining conditions in Kalimantan, which are considered not yet fully utilizing their capabilities.

“We are expanding outside of Kalimantan, especially in the eastern regions of Indonesia,” he said.

He then mentioned that they have utilized this situation by using all the funds in the form of investments, which can be felt by the public.

“By stimulating the economy within Transkon, such as paying salaries on time, providing timely holiday allowances, all of this will make those around PT Transkon move – be it the market, suppliers, or distributors,” he explained.

Furthermore, Lexi emphasized that as a local company, they use the local route through the East Kalimantan Stock Exchange. On August 27, 2020, TRJA officially went public during the ongoing pandemic.

“So, all local companies use local regulators to obtain funds locally as well,” he asserted.

He hopes that other companies in East Kalimantan or Kalimantan as a whole can follow what they have done.

“With the aim of restoring the economy, and when we talk about collaboration, of course, there are regulations. We are waiting for that, and we are ready to collaborate,” he concluded.

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