Transkon Jaya (TRJA) Distributes Dividends of Rp 3 per Share, Here’s the Schedule


22 Jun 2023


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KONTAN.CO.ID –  JAKARTA. – PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) will distribute dividends of Rp 3 per share from the net profit of the 2022 fiscal year. This decision was made during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) held on Thursday (22/6).

TRJA’s Corporate Secretary, Alexander Syauta, mentioned that the dividend amount is not much different from the previous year.

“The dividend distributed is approximately Rp 4.5 billion. So, if calculated, the dividend payout ratio is about 12%, more or less the same as last year,” said Alexander in a public presentation on Thursday (22/6).

In 2022, TRJA recorded a net profit of Rp 36.44 billion. This means that the allocation of around Rp 4.5 billion as dividends reflects 12.35% of TRJA’s profits throughout the last year.

Transkon Jaya’s President Director, Lexi Roland Rompas, stated that the dividend distribution has considered the need for funds for TRJA’s operations.

“To face the dynamics in 2023, we need sufficient funds to run the company’s operations,” said Lexi.

Here is the schedule for TRJA dividend distribution:

– Cum dividend in the regular and negotiation markets: July 3, 2023
– Ex dividend in the regular and negotiation markets: July 4, 2023
– Cum dividend in the cash market: July 5, 2023
– Ex dividend in the cash market: July 6, 2023
– The recording date for shareholders entitled to receive dividends: July 5, 2023
– Cash dividend payment: July 26, 2023.

2023 Targets & Strategies

Throughout 2023, this company engaged in the business of leasing vehicles for mining targets moderate performance growth. Alexander said TRJA targets top line and bottom line growth at a level of 15%-25%.

TRJA pursues revenue growth while keeping costs efficient.

“We have taken several improvement steps, such as the efficiency of vehicle equipment, so that costs can be reduced, and profits follow the projections we set,” said Alexander.

To facilitate its business strategy in 2023, TRJA has prepared capital expenditures (capex) of Rp 500 billion – Rp 600 billion. The source of capex is a combination of leasing financing and internal cash.

Lexi Roland revealed that the performance of this company based in Balikpapan will be supported by several strategies. These include expanding into the western and eastern regions of Indonesia, establishing a representative office in Jakarta, and expanding the types of vehicles such as light buses and light trucks.

TRJA is also expanding its business portfolio to industries beyond coal. TRJA targets the leasing of vehicles for use in the nickel, mineral, infrastructure, and renewable energy industries.

“We established a representative office in Morowali, showing the seriousness of the company’s expansion in the eastern part of Indonesia and the nickel mining industry,” said Lexi.

TRJA Director, Kayin Fauzi, added that nickel is part of TRJA’s alternative expansion in the eastern part of Indonesia. Along with this, TRJA targets leasing vehicles from copper and gold mines in Sumbawa and is approaching gold mines in Sulawesi.

From this expansion, TRJA captures the potential addition of around 500 vehicle units. Fauzi said that currently, TRJA’s fleet is dominated by Mitsubishi. To avoid shortages of units from dealers and maintain fleet availability, TRJA will diversify into other brands such as Toyota.

TRJA also wants to explore the potential use of electric cars in mining areas. TRJA is exploring various schemes, including the possibility of converting conventional car engines to electric ones. “If it is feasible for us to rent in mining areas, this is certainly a good opportunity for Transkon,” said Fauzi.

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