Transkon Jaya (TRJA) Business Performance On Track in H1-2023


04 Aug 2023


Dilansir Oleh


EMITEN – JAKARTA. Management of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) stated that the business growth during the first half of this year is still on track with the targets set for 2023.

Head of Corporate Communication & Relation at TRJA, Geraldine Simanjuntak, mentioned that TRJA’s revenue in H1-2023 has grown by around 26% year on year (YoY). This achievement is supported by several key factors.

“The contributing factors include increased demand for vehicles, expansion of vehicle types, and support for the mineral industry such as nickel and gold,” said Geraldine to on Wednesday (2/8).

TRJA has set a revenue growth target of 15%-25% until the end of the year. To achieve this, the company is pursuing various strategies, one of which is the expansion of bus and manhaul 4×4 vehicle types.

According to Geraldine, the expansion of vehicle types has positive prospects for TRJA’s business in 2023, as the demand trend is considered to be continuously growing.

“The company is expanding the type of manhaul 4×4 and bus vehicles to support coal mining in East Kalimantan,” she said.

To support its business growth this year, TRJA has also established a representative office in Morowali. This is a step taken by the company to expand its operational reach to the East Indonesia region.

On the other hand, Transkon Jaya is actively expanding its portfolio to industries beyond coal. As of now, TRJA has secured contracts with non-coal industries worth around IDR 272 billion.

TRJA is targeting vehicle rentals for use in the nickel, mineral, infrastructure, and renewable energy industries.

“We are optimistic that this value will continue to increase in line with our commitment to expanding our portfolio to industries beyond coal,” she added.

TRJA has allocated capital expenditure (capex) of IDR 500 billion – IDR 600 billion this year. The source of the capex is a combination of leasing financing and internal cash.

So far, TRJA has absorbed about 40% of the 2023 capex funds, which have been used for the procurement of new vehicles.

As of June 2023, Transkon Jaya’s revenue increased by 26.28% YoY to IDR 288.46 billion in H1-2023. In H1-2022, the figure was recorded at IDR 228.43 billion.

Meanwhile, the year-to-date profit attributable to the owners of the parent entity or net profit of TRJA slightly increased to IDR 20.71 billion. By the end of June 2022, the figure was recorded at IDR 20.51 billion.

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