Transkon Jaya Ready to Distribute Dividends of IDR 4.53 Billion, Note the Schedule


03 Jul 2021

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Jakarta, – The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPST) of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, approved the distribution of dividends for the 2020 fiscal year to shareholders.

As reported in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) disclosure, on Saturday (3/7/2021), PT Transkon Jaya Tbk set the total dividend distribution of IDR 4.53 billion, which will be distributed to 1,510,200,000 shares or equivalent to IDR 3 per share.

“In accordance with the Company’s Shareholder List on July 12, 2021, at 16:00 Western Indonesia Time, taking into account the regulations of the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the trading of shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange,” the company wrote.

Not only dividends, but the company also set aside IDR 1 billion as reserve funds as referred to in Article 70 paragraph 1 of UUPT.

“Thus, the remaining balance of the company’s profit is IDR 32.78 billion,” it said.

Here is the dividend distribution schedule:

– Cum dividend in the regular market & negotiation market on July 8, 2021.
– Ex-dividend in the regular market & negotiation market on July 9, 2021.
– Cum dividend in the cash market on July 12, 2021.
– Ex-dividend in the cash market on July 13, 2021.
– Cash dividend payment on July 30, 2021.

“For cash dividend payments, taxes will be imposed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations that must be withheld by the Company,” it wrote.

TRJA Stock Movement

At the close of trading on Friday, July 3, 2021, TRJA shares fell by 2.33 percent to IDR 168 per share. TRJA shares opened stagnant at IDR 172 per share.

TRJA shares were at the highest level of IDR 173 and the lowest of IDR 168 per share. The total frequency of stock trading was 68 times with a trading volume of 2,387. The transaction value was IDR 40.4 million.

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