Supporting Children Through Vocational Programs: Transkon Jaya Commemorates National Children’s Day


26 Jul 2021


Dilansir Oleh


As part of the celebration of National Children’s Day on July 23, 2021, organized a virtual talk show titled “Friendly Accompaniment for Children Learning from Home” on Monday, July 26, 2021.

The event invited distinguished speakers, including the Chairperson of the Family Welfare Empowerment Team (TP PKK) of Balikpapan, Mrs. Hj Nurlena Rahmad Mas’ud, the Head of the Education and Culture Agency in Balikpapan, Mr. Muhaimin, Education Experts, Dr. Baharudin, and Children’s Book Author and Creator of the “I Can Read” Method, Dwi Rahmawati.

During the event, Lexi Rompas, the CEO of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk, delivered a speech and extended Children’s Day greetings to all children in Indonesia.

“In the midst of the current situation, we are grateful to still be able to celebrate National Children’s Day, even if only virtually. I also highly appreciate along with the speakers who will discuss the topic of Friendly Accompaniment for Children Learning from Home today,” he said.

Lexi also touched upon the fact that many children still do not receive adequate attention from their parents.

“Although we know that many parents certainly aspire for their children to grow up and become children who are devoted to their nation and country. Therefore, let us as parents and society teach all the goodness to children so that they can become valuable human resources for the nation and country in the future,” Lexi mentioned.

Furthermore, to support the government in preparing the next generation through education, PT Transkon Jaya Tbk is actively guiding the youth of East Kalimantan through its vision and mission.

“In this regard, our company participates in preparing superior human resources for East Kalimantan who are competitive with newcomers through our CSR programs,” he explained.

According to Lexi, the provided programs include collaborations with vocational high schools (SMK) and higher education institutions, aligning with the ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

“Through this virtual event and all our efforts, we hope that children continue to gain valuable experiences to support their optimal growth and development, making them intelligent, cheerful, and possessing noble character,” Lexi concluded.

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