PT Transkon Jaya Tbk Expands to Makassar, Representative Office to be Opened


04 Jan 2022


Dilansir Oleh

Bagikan – Along with the increasing demand for vehicle rental, PT Trankson Jaya Tbk is expanding its business network and market coverage. Namely by expanding the business to Eastern Indonesia.

The number of company-owned vehicles operating in Eastern Indonesia is significant, especially in Sulawesi. Alexander Syauta, Corporate Secretary of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk, said that the company will establish representative offices in several areas that have the potential to develop the company’s business.

“One of them is in Makassar City which is the gateway to Eastern Indonesia,” he said, quoted from – Network, Tuesday (4/1/2022).

According to him, the existence of a representative office is considered to provide many benefits. The establishment of a representative office in Makassar City is so that the company can conduct further market research on business potential in the Eastern Indonesia region.

“Termsuk conduct relationships with business partners and prospective business partners, as well as oversee and coordinate company activities in the Eastern Indonesia region,” he continued.

The company hopes that every step and policy formula related to the company’s business plan can be formulated with the right target. In line with the presence of a representative office that can bring together theory and real problems that occur in the field.

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