New Business Opportunity, Transkon Jaya Plans to Try 4×2 Vehicle Rental


20 Mar 2023


Dilansir Oleh

Bagikan, BALIKPAPAN – PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) plans to explore business opportunities in 4×2 vehicles or two-wheel-drive (2WD) in 2023.

Corporate Secretary Alexander Syauta stated that the provision of 4×2 vehicles could target urban communities. “We are trying to support 4×2 because we see an attractive urban car market in Balikpapan,” he said to Bisnis on Monday (20/3/2023).

Alex, as he is commonly called, revealed that the company is doing this to penetrate deeper into the business to reach the National Capital Region (IKN) of Indonesia, especially since Balikpapan is projected to become the gateway to IKN in the future.

“To be able to enter IKN or the RDMP project, and we will support all of that,” he explained.

To support this initiative, Alex mentioned that they are preparing a showroom for accessories as well as a workshop for installations in the center of Balikpapan to facilitate consumers in obtaining the necessary accessories.

For reference, 4×2 vehicles are four-wheeled vehicles with two-wheel drive (only 2 wheels receive power transmission from the engine). Examples of 4×2 vehicle brands include Mitsubishi Pajero 4×2, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Navara, and Chevrolet Colorado.

Additionally, the light vehicle rental company is still developing the purchase of property assets, namely land and buildings, in Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan.

Currently, Alex stated that these land and building assets will be used as the location for the company’s branch office, which is currently under construction.

He mentioned that having a branch office can expand services and serve as an alternative approach for the company to tap into a broader market.

Previously, TRJA was reported to be seeking business opportunities in IKN. Through its subsidiary, TRJA launched a new product, the Multinet GPS/Dashcam, a vehicle tracker that can track the position and activities of vehicles in real-time wherever and whenever.

The company itself is striving to improve the quality and innovation of its products, using a minimum of 70% domestically sourced materials and targeting to become a supplier of 90% of Tracking and Monitoring industry logistic tools in the IKN area and its surroundings.

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