Introduction of New Pajero Sport and Test Drive, 92% of Transkon Jaya’s Fleet Uses Mitsubishi


08 Mar 2021


Dilansir Oleh


PT Mandau Berlian Sejati (MBS), the official Mitsubishi vehicle dealer in Balikpapan, introduced its latest unit, the New Pajero Sport, and conducted a test drive with its business partner, PT Transkon Jaya Tbk.

The New Pajero Sport, launched on February 16, is highly anticipated in the Indonesian SUV market. It is presented as a partner not only in achieving dreams but also in enjoying a lifestyle and boundless adventures.

“We are in the business of renting 4×4 vehicles, so when asked whether we will buy the New Pajero Sport, we will buy it,” said Lexi Rompas, President Director of PT Transkon Jaya, to the media on Thursday (8/4/2021).

Lexi acknowledged that the company has been cooperating with Mitsubishi for more than 15 years. The advantages offered by Mitsubishi have created a lasting partnership. Currently, Transkon operates around 2,150 units, with 92% of them being Mitsubishi vehicles.

“This year, we are waiting for more Mitsubishi units, with an order of 153 units on standby,” Lexi mentioned.

He highlighted Mitsubishi’s economic advantages and competitiveness in terms of pricing. Mitsubishi provides a price that competes well with other products, making it attractive to the market.

In addition to economic factors, Lexi emphasized technical superiority and efficient spare parts supply. Mitsubishi’s depots can deliver spare parts to remote operational locations, providing good support for operations. Moreover, the after-sales service is commendable, with Mitsubishi being open to feedback from Transkon.

Lexi and the directors, accompanied by PT MBS directors, had the opportunity to try out the new vehicle. “Smooth,” commented Lexi.

“I always try the vehicles we buy. I feel that Mitsubishi always comes with improvements to their vehicles with each new product,” he added.

Lexi provided feedback that Mitsubishi produces excellent vehicles with the latest Euro standards. However, compliance with Euro standards requires fuel that meets the specifications of these vehicles.

For vehicles used in mining operations, obtaining suitable fuel at job sites can be challenging. Lexi mentioned that many of their consumers are in the field, not in urban areas, and the B40 (Biodiesel 40%) fuel standard can have a significant impact. However, Transkon has prepared steps with additional costs. They hope that Mitsubishi will consider this in their new products.

During the introduction and test drive event, Kayin Fauzi, a representative of Transkon Jaya shareholders, Secretary of Transkon Jaya Alexander Syauta, Branch Manager of PT MBS Wibowo Wonanto, and Sales Manager of PT MBS Bahtiar Latif were also present.

“The New Pajero Sport has several variants with many advantages,” concluded Bahtiar.

The New Pajero Sport comes in 2 types, namely the New Pajero Sport 4×2 and New Pajero Sport 4×4. The prices range from IDR 547 million to IDR 786.5 million.

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